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3-D Illusion 3-D Illusion

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I don't see the Illusion in this even if I stared at this for more than 10 minutes. As Shakyjake said, it's just a cube with 12 lines in MSpaint, no illusion.

Megafan2008 responds:

Well Highmax you are supposed to see it flip.see it now?

Fancy Pants brother Fancy Pants brother

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Before you say something crappy to me, I usually don't submit arts here, I submit them in DA so don't say that I'm a dirt in the world.

Ok back on topic. As Shakyjake, crappy stick figure, colours are terrible, all are in poor work. What he said is right therefore you must accept the fact that this is no good to earn even 1 star. And what do you mean pointless? His explanation has a very powerful point. This is Art and Art comments are supposed to be like that.

I suggest that you should submit drawings instead.

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Megafan2008 responds:

i think your right...i think i was high when i made this though...